Danger of life due to this problem in Tesla’s expensive car! More than 3.5 lakh cars recalled


auto news desk, Whenever the company feels that there is some kind of problem in the car on a large scale or rather that there is a problem, then the vehicle manufacturers start recalling the vehicles and fixing them. Let us tell you that recently the electric car maker Tesla has also recalled more than 3 lakh of its vehicles. But what happened after all that Tesla had to recall millions of vehicles, let us know.

This big problem came in Tesla Cars
The reason behind Tesla’s decision to recall more than 3 lakh vehicles is that the company has decided to recall the vehicles after the risk of accident was detected due to the problem in the self-driving beta software.

According to the Bloomberg report, on Thursday i.e. February 16, 2023, the US authority has decided that 3 lakh 62 thousand 758 vehicles will be recalled.

In a stock exchange filing, electric car maker Tesla reported that the self-driving system used in the car could allow the car to perform unsafe actions when approaching intersections, such as allowing the car to go straight through intersections and obey yellow traffic. Give. Permission to drive at lights etc.

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According to the US authority, due to this problem in Tesla’s system, the risk of collision has increased if the car is not running in this situation. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Tesla could fix the problem in its vehicles by April 15, 2023, through an over-the-air software update.

Which Tesla cars were recalled

The recalled vehicles include the 2016-2023 Model S, Model X, 2017-2023 Model 3 and 2020-2023 Model Y. Let us tell you that all these vehicles have FSD beta software or installation pending.

Tesla also did this work with the employees

As soon as 2023 starts, many big tech and auto companies have laid off thousands of employees on a large scale and now Tesla has also joined the race. Several media reports have revealed that the company has shown the way out to dozens of employees of its Tesla factory in New York. It is being told that a few days ago a union campaign was launched in the factory and this is being told as the reason behind the retrenchment.

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