Don’t get tricked into buying a new car! If you keep these tricks in mind then even the dealer will be surprised


auto news desk, Buying a new car is still a dream come true for many people. People buy cars for themselves by adding money over the years. But if you are a little careless while buying a car, then your pocket can also be cut. Here we are telling you some such tips, through which you will not only be able to save some money while buying a new car, but will also avoid any kind of inconvenience. Let’s know about these tips:

1. Do not rely on any one dealer before buying a car. Get an idea of ​​the price and facilities by visiting different showrooms. Choose a car according to your budget. Sometimes dealers can make you pay more by showing new features.

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2. Get information about the discount available from the company. Check the prices included in the on road price of the car properly. If possible, choose the insurance of your choice and not the one that is being decided by the showroom.

3. If you find a dealer who has more cars in stock, they may offer a higher discount to clear their inventory. Buy your car at the end of the month. At such times you are likely to get more discounts.

4. Avoid using middlemen to get quick delivery as it may cost you more money. Contact dealers directly. Get yours done through a bank, as it’s often cheaper than dealers, although it can take a while.

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