If you also have a car, then prepare it for summer on weekends like this


auto news desk, As soon as Holi is nearing, the feeling of mild heat is starting to be felt. In many states of the country, now the coolness has remained only till morning and evening. So if you are also a car owner then prepare your car according to the heat. For which you just have to take care of some things. About whom we are going to tell you further.

Get AC serviced
AC is most needed while traveling by car in summer. The fun of traveling without AC turns into punishment. That’s why this is the right time to get the AC of the car fixed, because as soon as the summer heats up, more and more people will go to get this problem of the car fixed. So it may take you more time.

How to take care of the car in summer, from the color fading in the sun to the fear of tire bursting.  The Financial Express

change coolant
Sometimes the mechanic does not consider it necessary to change the coolant when the coolant is in the right amount at the time of service. But since the coolant is the only thing that controls the temperature of the vehicle’s engine. So get it replaced before the summers start, so that your car avoids heating problems in summers.

put nitrogen in the wheels
In summer the roads get hot due to the high temperature. The effect of which also falls on the wheels of the car during the journey. Due to which the amount of air in the tire keeps on increasing again and again. Nitrogen gas is cold which works to control the temperature of the tire to a great extent. That’s why it would be better if you put nitrogen air in the wheels of the car.

check battery also
If it has been a long time since the car battery was checked, then check the battery as well, if carbon has accumulated on it, clean it and if the water is low, top-up with distilled water.

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