It is very easy to drive a car with automatic gear, just keep these things in mind


auto news desk, Now the trend of automatic vehicles is increasing gradually. If not today then tomorrow you can also be brought up with an automatic car, it is not necessary that it should be yours. If you ever have to drive someone’s automatic car even in an emergency, then you have to think about driving even after driving. That’s why we are going to tell you about driving an automatic car through this news. So that if you suddenly have to drive an automatic car, it will not be too difficult.

P,R,N,D and S (PRNDS)
Whenever you drive an automatic car, you will find the letters P, R, N, D, S written in English near the gear lever. Not 1,2,3,4,5,6 like a manual car. That’s why seeing these letters for the first time you may feel a bit uncomfortable. But once you understand their meaning, you will find it easy.

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Meaning of P, R, N, D and S
All these letters written near the automatic gear have their own meaning and you have to drive accordingly. Like P- for parking, R- for reverse, D- for drive, S- for sports. S mode is not given in all cars but only in select cars.

how to drive automatic car
Whenever you drive an automatic car, just remember P,R,N,D,S mode. That is, when you have to park the car, you have to move the gear lever in front of P. This will turn on the parking mode. This is how all modes will work. For example, if you want to back the car, you have to put the gear lever in front of R.

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