Now taxi will not run on the ground, will fly in the air, that too at a speed of 200 Kmph


car news desk, Till now you must have seen the taxi moving on the ground. Within minutes of booking from your smartphone, a car will come to pick you up. But what if instead of that car a flying cot comes to pick you up and travels 200 kms. They fly you at the speed of every hour and take you to your destination. Do not be surprised, a startup of the students of IIT Chennai has prepared such a flying taxi. The special thing about this taxi is that it can do vertical landing and takeoff easily. This taxi also requires very little space to land and take off. It can be parked only in a space of 25 square feet. At the same time, its weight is also only 200 kg.

Air flying taxi now a reality  Jansatta

two rides at a time
Two people can ride together in this flying taxi. Its propeller has four ducted fans. Taxi 150 kms. At a speed of 200 kmph, it can run at a speed of 1500 feet and can go up to a height of 1500 feet. However, no information has been given by the company about when its regular version will come and whether it will run in India or not. At the same time, no disclosure has been made about its price yet.

Pilot will not be needed in future
This e-taxi of the company has been named E200. At present, a pilot is required to run this taxi, but in the coming time it will be run on auto pilot mode. For this, the company is engaged in preparing a new model. At the same time, according to the information, the company has so far raised a fund of one million dollars to develop the e-plane. In future many more investors are ready to invest for this.

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