Why is Form 30 needed while buying a car, if you want to avoid loss, check every detail before signing


car news desk,Whenever we buy a car, there is a special form with all the necessary documents, which comes in the name of Form 30. This form is not submitted by the buyer but by the owner of the car to the RTO and in its absence, if the car is involved in any kind of accident, then you may have to face many problems. So let us know what is the specialty of this form related to vehicles and how it can be applied.

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As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, Form 29 has to be submitted to the RTO first while selling the car. Form 30 is submitted immediately thereafter. Form 30 tells the RTO that the transfer of ownership must be done immediately. This form is divided into four parts. Part-A gives the details of the transfer of ownership of the car to the seller, while Part-B contains the details of the transferee or the buyer. Part-C is about the financier’s agreement for transfer of ownership, while Part-D is an official endorsement by the registering authority.

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