Why to visit RTO, neither hassle of line nor entanglement with brokers, follow this process and RC of the car will be transferred in minutes


auto news desk, The process of buying and selling second hand cars goes on every day. The used car market is also booming these days. People who have a low budget are fulfilling their dreams by buying a used car, while people who want to upgrade to new technology and cars are selling their cars in the used car market. Now the biggest link in the whole process of buying and selling is to transfer the registration of the car. Till some time ago this task used to be very troublesome. To avoid this, people used to pay thousands of rupees to the brokers. Even after this, he had to visit the RTO several times and then the ownership of the car was transferred somewhere else. But now it takes only a few minutes to do this job. Let us tell you how you can easily transfer the car online.

RC Transfer Rules: Rules have changed for vehicle transfer, pay attention to these things, otherwise there will be trouble - rc ownership transfer rules in india for vehicles like car bike

For this you have to go to https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/.
Here you have to create an account to login.
After creating an account, you have to choose the vehicle related service in the option of online services.
In this, you will have to enter the vehicle number in a registration form and the OTP linked to it will come on your mobile.
After entering the OTP a new page will open. Here after going to the option of transfer ownership, you will have to give some information related to the new buyer and the vehicle.
After this, the option of the date of going to RTO will appear in front of you.
Here you will be informed that on which day at what time you have to reach RTO.
Arriving at the scheduled time, you can come from there within few minutes without standing in any line by just depositing the processing fee and original copy of RC.
RC will be sent to your address after some time of transfer.

If you have taken a car from another state…
Even if you have bought the vehicle from another state, the entire process remains the same, only Form No. 28 has to be filled. After this, the RC is sent to the address mentioned by you. Although it takes a little longer. RTO takes about 30 days processing time for this. In some cases the entire process takes up to 45 days.

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