Buy Maruti Swift for just Rs 4 Lakh! Road tax will also not have to be paid


auto news desk, The used car market in India has grown over the past few years. Many people prefer to buy a used car instead of a new one. It can be of many types. If you also want to buy a used car, then we have brought for you information about some such Maruti Swift cars, which are available for sale. We have seen these listed on the Maruti Suzuki True Value website. Their price starts from around Rs. Those who buy these will not even have to pay road tax as road tax is already paid for old cars.

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2020 Maruti Swift VDI price with registration is Rs.4.99 Lakh. The car is available for sale in Faridabad. This Petrol engined car has covered a total distance of 12417 kms. This is a first owner car. The asking price of another Maruti Swift LXI with same 2020 registration is Rs.5.25 Lakh. The car is available for sale in Guna. This Petrol Engine car has covered a distance of 137712 kms. This is also a first owner car. Also listed here is another Maruti Swift LXI with the same 2020 registration.

For this, a price of Rs 5.30 lakh has been sought. It is available for sale in Meerut. Total mileage of this petrol engine car is 38450 kms. The asking price for 2019-registration Maruti Swift VDI is Rs.5.80 Lakh. The car is available for sale in Jodhpur. It has run 38490 kms. But, there is another owner’s car.

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