Car dealership cheating innocent customers like this! This is the way to avoid cheating


auto news desk, Everyone would know that the ex-showroom price of the car is different and the on-road price is different. The on-road price is higher than the ex-showroom price as all the premiums like road tax, insurance etc. are included in it. Now when a person goes to a dealership to buy a car, the dealership not only earns money by selling the car, but also sometimes earns extra money on insurance, which the customers don’t even know about. But, if the customers have the right information then they can avoid it. Let us explain to you how the car dealership earns more money from the customers in the name of insurance premium.

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There are two parts of new car insurance – third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) has fixed an amount for third party insurance. No company can provide third party insurance at a higher or lower premium than that. But, this is not the case with comprehensive insurance. IRDA has not fixed any amount for that. On this, the dealership sells it to the customer by applying its margin (more money, which will go into the pocket of the dealership).

Now you have to avoid this cleverness of the dealership, then you should check the online insurance premium while buying a car and if you are getting less insurance there, then you should ask the dealership to match your insurance premium with the insurance premium you get online. Give. If the dealership does not do this, then you can also get your new car insured online. This will save you the money that the dealership was charging you extra in the name of insurance.

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