First car in the house? So take care of these things, otherwise it can be ‘useless’


auto news desk, The arrival of a new vehicle in the house is like the arrival of new happiness in the family, but if this vehicle is a four wheeler then it also brings with it more responsibilities. Due to which there is bound to be some concern. If you have also bought a new car, then we are going to give you information about its maintenance, some precautions related to driving and how to avoid them. Which will serve to give you some relief in avoiding this headache.

must read vehicle manual
Most of the customers who buy a car make this mistake. Due to which they have to run to the mechanic for every minor or major problem. If you read the manual, you will know about your vehicle, where are the fuses, when to get the service done, which oil to use, how much pressure to keep in the tyres. Along with many such things, you also get to know about the features present in your car and their use. Which you may need anytime.

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buy market items wisely
After buying a new car, most people try to upgrade their car with new accessories to give it a different look. However, many of these things are offered by the company itself in other models of the car. Even then some things are fitted after market, even then there is no problem. But some such electric accessories, for which the wiring of the car has to be cut etc. or any such part which changes the basic look of the car, should be avoided as doing so may void the warranty of the car.

take care of car paint
When the car was new, even small scratches are clearly visible on it, to avoid this, you can get ceramic coat done on your car. Which also works to protect your car from dust and dirt. Apart from this, Clear PPF is also a good option. This can be done on the roof and bonnet of the vehicle, it protects the paint from minor scratches as well as damage caused by strong sunlight.

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