If the car accidentally breaks down while taking a test drive, then how much compensation will have to be paid? get to know


auto news desk, Before buying any car, it is very important to take its test drive. With this, you not only understand the performance of the engine of the car, but also decide whether that car is for you or not. But what if there is an accident while taking the test drive of the car and the car gets damaged in it. In such a situation, the question arises whether you will have to compensate for this loss or not? Recently something similar happened with a person, whose incident will answer your question.

The incident is from Meerut city, where a man was taking a test drive of Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara. During this, the car met with an accident and the SUV suffered a lot of damage. However, there was no harm to the driver and the agent. The customer has to pay a bill of Rs 1.40 lakh to cover the cost of the accident.

If you're on a test drive at a car dealership, and you crash the car are you responsible, or is the sales person who is in the car with you responsible?  ,

According to the dealership agent, the customer was driving the SUV without any fear as he was confident about the various safety features of the vehicle. During the test drive, the customer was driving at high speed. Then suddenly a mini truck came in front, due to which there was a collision. The front grille, bonnet and other parts of the car were badly damaged in the collision. However, the dealership charged Rs 1.40 lakh from the customer. He said that if the damage was less serious, the company would not have charged him.

take test drive carefully
Test drive vehicles should be driven with utmost care, irrespective of whether they are covered under insurance or not. Normally minor scratches and dents are covered by the auto dealership, but this kind of accident is a big blow for the dealer. Similar incidents have happened earlier also. The recently launched all-new Hyundai Verna also met with an accident on the very day of its launch.

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