If you are going to buy a CNG car, then know not only its ‘advantages’, but also its ‘disadvantages’.


auto news desk, Due to the cost of petrol and diesel in the country, now people are increasingly adopting CNG and electric vehicles, which is also right to a great extent in terms of environment. But everything that has some advantages also has some disadvantages. Here we are going to give you information about both the advantages and disadvantages of CNG cars. So that you do not have to face remorse after buying the car.

Advantages of CNG car-
low pollution emissions
CNG-powered vehicles emit less pollution than petrol-diesel vehicles, causing less damage to the environment. In this context, CNG cars are considered much better.

loose pocket
Mileage is also more on CNG fuel than petrol-diesel car, due to which the pocket is less loose and you can use the car more. Whereas to run on other fuel one has to think many times.

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low maintenance
Especially in comparison to diesel cars, there is no need to spend much on the maintenance of CNG vehicles. The maintenance of a diesel engine car is very high. CNG is a clean and hygienic fuel.

Petrol option
In CNG vehicles you get the option of double fuel. Due to which you can drive on petrol also and cover long distances when CNG is over.

Disadvantages of CNG car-
lack of fuel
Even though there has been an increase in the number of CNG pumps in the country, their number is still low in proportion to the number of vehicles. Due to which many times one has to return empty handed from CNG pump or even when CNG is available, it can be taken after a long line without mixing like petrol-diesel.

cost much
Vehicles that come with CNG kit cost more as compared to petrol powered vehicles, as the engine is fitted with CNG kit and other parts to run on CNG gas.

decrease in boot space
Most CNG fitted vehicles lack boot space. However, now car manufacturers are working fast on this, so that even after installing CNG cylinders, good boot space can be found in the vehicle.

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