Maruti got stuck by saying Baleno is safe, people broke down to comment, said – just this much confidence is needed


auto news desk, Indian car customers have now become aware of the safety of vehicles. Cars from Tata Motors and Mahindra are considered to be quite safe. Most of the cars from both these companies come with 4-star or 5-star ratings. Whereas no car of Maruti Suzuki has come with 5 star rating at present. Maruti Suzuki cars are not considered very good in terms of safety. Often the cars of this company have achieved zero, one or two stars in crash tests.

What did Maruti Suzuki write
In fact, Maruti Suzuki has posted a picture of the Baleno claiming that the crumple zone present in our cars absorbs the collision, so the body does not need to do so. The crumple zone is at the front and rear of the car. “Maruti Suzuki cars have been designed with crumple zones that dissipate and absorb maximum energy during a collision. This minimizes the impact on the cabin,” the company wrote in the post. And it is called the Safe Zone.

what users said
Users could not digest this Instagram post after seeing the poor safety rating of Maruti Suzuki. On seeing the post, users started taunting Maruti Suzuki. Most of the users wrote, ‘That’s all one needs in life.

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