Maruti is going to make two cars clear, 40 Kmpl mileage, price less than 8 lakhs


car news desk, Maruti Suzuki, famous for economical and durable vehicles, is once again preparing to launch two such vehicles in the market which have been designed keeping the mileage in mind. These are Maruti Swift and Dzire. Maruti is now preparing to launch the best-selling cars of its segment with the Hybrid In. It is being told that both these cars with hybrid engine can cover a distance of 35 to 40 km in 1 litre. Will give mileage in between. The company is preparing to launch these cars in 2024. These can be showcased during the next Auto Expo. During that time their booking will also start. However, the company has not yet announced it officially and has not told whether the car will have a mild hybrid engine or a strong hybrid engine. But it is believed that like Grand Vitara, Swift and Dzire will be launched with the option of mild and strong hybrid.

What will change in the engine
Maruti Suzuki Swift will be given a 1.2 liter 3 cylinder hybrid engine. This engine has been designed by Maruti recently and it can be seen in many vehicles in the coming times. It is being told that with this engine, apart from Swift and Dzire in 2024, this engine can also be seen in many other vehicles of Maruti.

Maruti is going to make two cars clear, 40 Kmpl mileage, price less than 8 lakhs - The Netizen News

Two Vehicles Already in Hybrid
The first two vehicles also come with hybrid technology for Maruti. Maruti introduced the hybrid engine in the Ciaz and the Grand Vitara. Out of this, the best hybrid engine has been given in Grand Vitara. There are strong and mild hybrid options. Talking about Strong Hybrid, the Grand Vitara with this engine gives a mileage of 27.97. Whereas, the Swift and DZire are now lighter and smaller in size than the Grand Vitara. Due to which it is being estimated that both these vehicles are 40 km. Can give mileage up to per liter.

the price will also be less
The company is working on hybrid technology in collaboration with Toyota. Due to which the price of these cars will not increase much. The initial models of both Swift and DZire can be launched up to Rs 7.5 lakh. However, nothing can be said about this now because it will depend on the features of many cars as to what will be the price of the car.

design will be different
At the same time, the design of Dzire and Swift can also be changed. Although the launch of Swift with the new design is already discussed. If this happens, then there will not be much change in the car coming with the hybrid engine. At the same time, Dzire has been demanding a change in design for a long time and this time the company can completely change it.

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