Take electric or petrol scooter, first understand the mathematics of both, otherwise there will be a big loss


auto news desk, These days, after the rising prices of petrol diesel, the trend of people is increasing towards electric vehicles. Especially people have started liking electric scooters more. Although there has not been any major decrease in the demand for petrol scooters and still companies are launching new models of these scooters. People are liking them too. Now in such a situation, electric scooter is more correct or petrol, this confusion remains. Now there is a question that if you are also planning to buy a scooter and are confused between electric and petrol, then your confusion can be easily removed. Is. For this we have to take care of 4 things and then we will be able to take a right decision.

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How many km Drive every day Before taking an electric scooter, it should always be kept in mind that how many km your daily drive is. Key’s. If you are 70 km. If you drive a scooter every day more than 500 then a better option for you would be a petrol scooter.

Nearby Charging Points: How many charging stations are there in your area should also be kept in mind before buying an EV. If there are no charging points in your area, then buying an electric scooter can also be a loss deal for you.

Weather conditions: The battery of any electric scooter has a big impact on the weather of that area. If you live in extremely cold or extremely hot climates, then electric scooters can trouble you.

how many rides Before buying an electric scooter, also see how many people will travel on your scooter at a time. Although e-scooters are two-seater, but when two people sit, their range gets reduced considerably.

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