Tata Harrier facelifted in Rs 1 lakh, becomes Lamborghini


auto news desk, Tata Harrier and Lamborghini Urus are very different SUVs from each other in terms of price. Both the cars are quite popular in India. Tata Harrier and Lamborghini Urus come with great specifications and features. However, today we will tell you about a model of Harrier which looks exactly like Lamborghini Urus. Interestingly, giving the Harrier a Lamborghini-like look cost only Rs 1.1 lakh. Let us see how Tata’s SUV took this avatar. A model of Tata Harrier has been spotted on social media, which looks like a Lamborghini. It has been prepared from Lamborghini’s Inspire body kit. By applying this kit, the front and rear of the SUV looks like Lamborghini.

Harrier Modification Cost
The Lamborghini kit is built from the ground-up. This means that this kit can be designed for any car of your choice. The cost of front bumper, rear bumper and side skirts without paint is Rs 60,000. Whereas, the price of bigger and wider body fenders is Rs. 25,000. Another Rs 25,000 was spent on its paint and fitment. A total of Rs 1.1 lakh has been spent on making the Harrier a Lamborghini.

Tata Harrier: You can buy this SUV by making a downpayment of Rs 1 lakh 66 thousand, know the complete details.  Jansatta
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The body kit for the Urus designed for the Harrier includes features like custom front bumper with creases, air dam and grille housing. This is exactly the same as seen on the front bumper of the Lamborghini Urus. The front bumper in this kit comes with a customized housing for the Harrier’s split headlights. However, dual functioning LED DRLs and turn indicators have not been teased.

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The Urus body kit is available across all variants of the Harrier. Talking about the changes, most of the changes are visible only in the front and rear bumpers. There has been no change in the rest of its body line. The modified version of the Harrier looks good, but it is illegal to modify a car on the road. Getting caught with a modified car can result in heavy fines.

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