The color of your car tells how smart you are, if you don’t believe then read the report


auto news desk,Yes, this is absolutely correct news. UK’s Scrap Comparison has done a survey, in which this information has been given. That is, the color you choose while buying a car can also show how smart you are. Next we are going to give detailed information about it.

Knows the intellectual capacity of the car buyer
According to a UK report, whenever a person buys a vehicle for himself, the intellectual capacity of that person plays an important role in choosing its color. According to which people who choose a particular color are ahead in this matter compared to those who take vehicles of other colors.

First comes the consideration of color choice
Whenever someone thinks of buying a vehicle, the first question that comes to his mind is what will be the color of the vehicle he is going to buy. The choice of the color of that vehicle tells about its intellectual capacity i.e. IQ. At the same time, many people take advice about color from their family or friends apart from themselves. But his own decision speaks volumes about his ability.

Study has given rating according to color
According to a study conducted in the UK’s Scrap Car Comparison, the color of the car also tells how smart you are. In this study, the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test of the owners of different colored vehicles was done. According to the findings, the average IQ level score of the people who chose the white color car was 95.71, which was the highest. Whereas, vehicle owners who bought green vehicles had the lowest IQ score of 88.43. Next, we are going to give information about the number given according to the color-

The color of the car shows how smart you are, claims the study
The IQ score of those who buy a white colored vehicle is 95.71.
Those who buy a gray colored car have an IQ score of 94.97.
The score of those who buy a red colored vehicle is 94.88.
blue color vehicle buyers score 93.60
Black color vehicle buyers score 92.83
The score for those who bought a silver colored vehicle was 92.67.
The score for those who buy a green vehicle is 88.43.

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