This Indian company hoisted the flag, made 50 lakh cars; all surprised


auto news desk, The country’s leading automobile manufacturer Tata Motors has jointly crossed the figure of 50 lakh in terms of passenger vehicle production. Earlier, in 2004, the company achieved the production figure of 10 lakh passenger vehicles, then in 2010 crossed the figure of 20 lakh vehicles. Tata Motors crossed the figure of 30 lakh in 2015 while the figure of 40 lakh vehicle manufacturing was crossed in 2020. After this, now within three years, the company has achieved the figure of manufacturing 50 lakh units. Means, 10 lakh units have been manufactured in three years.

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Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles, said, “This journey from every 10 lakh to the next figure is full of ups and downs.” The company said it has managed to grow from 4 million cars to 5 million units within three years despite the Covid pandemic and semiconductor shortage crisis affecting the entire world’s automobile industry. Tata Motors will launch a nationwide campaign to celebrate the milestone of producing 5 million passenger vehicles with its customers and employees. The company said that the festival will be celebrated for a month at all its manufacturing units and regional offices.

Tata Motors Sales

Tata Motors has been the third largest car selling company in India last month, with 43,140 units of passenger vehicle sales (including electric vehicles) in the domestic market. Whereas, Hyundai’s sales stood at 47,001 units. That is, in the month of February, Tata Motors fell short of becoming number 2 in terms of sales by just 3000 units.

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