This little electric car is a mobile home! Will run 330km in full charge, has a bed inside


auto news desk, The demand for electric cars is increasing rapidly not only in India but all over the world. China is ahead of other countries in this matter. Vehicle manufacturers are trying to provide not only better range but also unique features in their EVs. Recently, such an electric car has come out, in which you get the facility of bed along with all the necessary features, on which you can sleep comfortably whenever you want.

According to the information, the company has designed this car keeping in mind the urban female buyers in China. It is a compact electric hatchback. It will be launched at the Shanghai Auto Show next month. In the pictures of the car, you can see the Mercedes-like dual screen setup and smart cabin. The seats are covered with faux leather upholstery.

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Battery and Charging:
This electric hatchback car may be small in appearance, but it packs a lot of power and performance. It has a single electric motor, which generates 40bhp power and 110Nm torque. If we compare it with Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, then Alto’s engine generates power of 47bhp.

Two types of battery packs have been given in it. The smaller battery pack is of 17.3kWh capacity, which gives a range of around 200 kms on a single charge. The large battery pack is of 31.9 kWh capacity, which offers a range of 330 kms on a single charge. Prices in China are expected to be between 70,000-100,000 Yuan (₹8.29 Lakh – ₹11.60 Lakh approx).

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