This year this auto company will present 19 models of your dreams, electric vehicles will also be included


auto news desk,BMW is planning to launch 19 car models in India this year. This will also include electric vehicles. The company aims to maintain its double digit growth in the Indian market. BMW is expected to improve its sales in the country in 2023. The company expects electric vehicles to account for 15 percent of its total sales. The group also plans to introduce three bike models under the BMW Motorrad business in India this year. Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India said that we are going to offer 22 products this year, which includes 19 cars and three bikes.

This year bmw auto company will present 19 models of your dreams car electric vehicles will also be included.  This year this auto company will present 19 models of your dreams.

If you are also thinking of buying a car, then let us know what is the meaning of which car color?

  1. White color number plate- White color number plate is used only in private cars. This color indicates that the concerned vehicle is for your personal use and is not being used commercially.
  2. Yellow colored number plates – Yellow colored number plates are used only in commercial vehicles. Taxis or goods vehicles have number plates of this colour. Only that person can drive this vehicle, who will also have a commercial license.
  3. Green colored number plates- Now green colored number plates are also visible in the cars. Number plates of this color are seen only in electric vehicles. Since these vehicles promote green energy, they have green number plates.
  4. Red color number plate- Red color number plate is seen only in new vehicles. When a person buys a new vehicle, a red colored number plate is given temporarily by the company. However, after getting the permanent number, this plate is replaced.

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