You can bring home a new Hyundai for just Rs 2.01 lakh, otherwise know the complete details of finance and EMI


car news desk, Hyundai Motor India recently launched its next generation Verna sedan. Due to which the sales of the company are expected to increase. The new model comes with several new technologies, new powerful turbo petrol engine, segment leading space and its design is way ahead of other cars in the segment. In such a situation, if you are also planning to buy this car, but are thinking about the budget, then today we are going to tell you important information related to the down payment, finance and EMI of this car.

what is complete math
If you buy this car by paying 10% down payment, choose a typical loan repayment tenure of 5 years with an assumed bank interest rate of 10%, then as per this plan, we are going to explain the complete maths to you. Are. However, you can choose the loan amount, down payment and bank as per your choice, as the interest rate varies from bank to bank and the down payment and loan tenure also affect your EMI.

2023 Hyundai Verna can be yours by paying only Rs 2.01 lakh, know here the EMI details of the car with powerful engine

how much is the price
The ex-showroom price of the base variant EX variant of the new Hyundai Verna is Rs 10.90 lakh, while the ex-showroom price of its top variant SX, which is the turbo DCT model, is Rs 17.38 lakh. However, the on-road price of this sedan in Delhi currently ranges from Rs. 12.35 Lakh to Rs. 20.06 lakhs.

How much will be the EMI
If we assume you go for the top-end variant of the Verna, the SX (O) Turbo DCT, which costs Rs. 17.38 lakh ex-showroom, so its on-road price in Delhi will be Rs. 20.06 lakhs. Now if you make 10% down payment of this price, then accordingly you will have to pay Rs 2.01 lakh as down payment. Now you will have to take the remaining loan of Rs 18.05 lakh, for which if you choose a tenure of 5 years, then according to that you will have to pay Rs 38,354 as EMI every month for the next 60 months. That is, in 5 years you will have to pay Rs 23.01 lakh for this car.

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