Aston Martin takes the wraps off the limited-run DBS 770 Ultimate Volante


car news desk, Aston Martin bids goodbye to the current generation DBS with its hottest and most powerful version, the DBS 770 Ultimate. The DBS 770 Ultimate is being offered in two variants, the Coupé – limited to 300 cars and the Volante (Convertible) – limited to 199 cars, Aston Martin introduced the Coupé in January, didn’t appear until the Volante and now introduces it gone, and it looks enlarged from all sides. The DBS 770 Ultimate is not only the most powerful DBS, but also the most powerful production road car Aston has ever produced. It receives a number of changes both on the top and inside of the body, which are aimed at improving performance across multiple parameters.

Apart from the drop top, the Ultimate is identical to the Volant Ultimate. It is powered by a twin-turbo 5.2-litre V12 that is tuned to generate 759 bhp (770 PS – hence the name) and 900 Nm of torque. Aston says peak torque drops to 1,800rpm for a smooth cruise. Power is sent to the rear wheels through an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox. Changes to the engine over the standard V12 DBS include changes to air and ignition routing, along with a 7 percent increase in turbo boost pressure. The gearbox has also been specially redesigned for this run-out special edition with faster shift times.

Aston Martin Reveals Limited-Run DBS 770 Ultimate Volante - carandbike
The DBS 770 Ultimate Volante gets a revised front bumper, which comes with a new splitter and larger side vents for better air-flow to the engine compared to the DBS. A large horse-shoe vent in the bonnet to help vent heat from the engine bay – similar to the V12 Vantage. Moving to the rear, the DBS 770 Ultimate uses carbon fiber material around the Volante side sills as well as the cantilevers and windshield. The rear bumper has been redesigned with a more prominent splitter to optimize rear aerodynamics. Completing the styling are the 21-inch alloy wheels that are exclusive to the 770 that are offered in two finishes. The wheels are shod in Pirelli P Zero tyres.

Coming to the cabin, the DBS 770 gets some additional kit and decor to differentiate it from the regular DBS. The cabin, while identical to the standard model in terms of design, comes as standard with Sport Plus seats and carbon fiber paddle shifters, as well as bespoke trimmings and DBS 770 Ultimate logos around the cabin. Buyers get a range of options to specify their car through Aston Martin’s Q Bespoke division and even though all the cars have already been sold, Aston Martin has gone through the effort of creating an online configurator that allows options in other colours. Will give Shows the multiplier to choose from.

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