Cow dung wrapped on Alto, the doctor pulled out a unique summer trick, no need for AC


auto news desk, Not only the bike drivers but also the car drivers are troubled in the summer season. In this season, many times the AC of the car also starts failing. People often get various modifications done in their cars and sometimes these modifications are so strange that they are discussed all over the country. Recently, troubled by the heat, a man covered his car with cow dung. The person claims that by doing this the temperature of the car remains normal even without AC.

Cow dung was applied on the outer surface. They claim that due to this, the temperature inside the car does not get too hot. He himself is a homeopathic doctor and he says that by doing this the performance of the AC of the vehicle also improves. Let us tell you that this is not the first time that someone has coated cow dung on his car. Earlier, the person driving a Toyota car had done the same in 2019.

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How cow dung keeps the car cool
It is claimed that cow dung has heat resistance. This reduces the heat coming from outside inside the car and the car remains cool. The doctor claims that the roof of the car is most responsible for its heating. This way the hot air enters inside the car and the temperature rises. In such a situation, if cow dung is coated on the roof itself, then the temperature inside will remain normal.

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