Do not do these 3 mistakes while charging Electric Vehicle, otherwise the vehicle will burn in smoke


auto news desk,While the demand for electric vehicles is increasing among customers, the government is also making every effort to promote EVs. But it is also true that incidents of fire in electric vehicles also come to the fore. In such a situation, if you also have an electric vehicle, whether it is a car or a scooter or a bike, there are some mistakes that you should avoid while charging the battery.

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Overcharging can be costly
Overcharging is not at all safe for the health of the battery, be it of the phone or of your electric vehicle. Next time whenever you charge your electric vehicle, make sure that you do not forget to keep your electric vehicle on charge even after it is 100 percent charged. Keeping the battery on charge all the time also affects the battery, such It is said that the mistake of overcharging the battery of an electric vehicle should be avoided.

don’t drain the battery
Never charge an electric vehicle battery after it is completely empty, doing so affects the battery. It is said that when the battery remains 20 percent then it is right to charge it.

Do not do this work even by mistake immediately after the ride

The lithium ion battery provided in an electric vehicle produces heat while supplying electricity. In this case, the battery should be charged only after the battery has cooled down, in such a situation, do not charge the electric vehicle battery immediately after driving.

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