Do this work before leaving the car standing in the sun, ‘the heat of the cabin will go away’


auto news desk,Summers have started and if your car is parked in the sun then the car and its cabin get very hot. In such a situation, if you suddenly have to go somewhere, then it becomes very difficult. That’s why we are going to tell you some easy tips here. If you follow them, the car cabin will be back to normal in no time and you will be able to start your journey without breaking a sweat.

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Step 1- Whenever you have to go somewhere and your car is standing hot in the sun. Then unlock the vehicle and roll down the opposite driver’s side window and wave the driver’s side window like a fan several times. This will allow heat to escape from the cabin.

Step 2- Immediately after this open all the doors and trunk of the vehicle and turn on the fan at full speed. Due to which the remaining heat in the cabin of the car will quickly circulate and start coming out.

Step 3- If you have to go somewhere fast and you are getting late. Then you open all the glasses of the car and drive the car for some distance. Even this will remove the heat of the car’s cabin quickly and you will be able to cool it down by running the AC.

Step 4- If your car has automatic climate control feature, set it on auto mode so that it cools down according to the heating of the cabin. It automatically reduces the air flow when the temperature is low or high.

Step 5- When the cabin of the car cools down properly, then turn on the recirculation mode. Due to which the cabin air remains in the cabin and the cabin can remain cool. In this way, you will be able to cool the car cabin quickly by removing the heat.

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