Entry of BMW XM 50e may happen soon, know what will be special in it


auto news desk, Veteran car manufacturer BMW has introduced a new 50e luxury car with the XM badge, which can be launched soon. This car will compete with vehicles like Lexus LC 500h, Nissan GT-R.

BMW XM 50e Design
This BMW car looks similar to the already existing 7-Series vehicles, while if we talk about the car, then the space gray color design has been given in the lower part of the car while the matte blue color design has been given in the upper part and both Along with this, bright red color has been used in these colors. It has a newly designed kidney grille, which is surrounded by LED lights. At the same time, LED tail-lights have been given in its back side in L-shape. Their color appears black during the day.

bmw xm 50e powertrains
Talking about the powertrain given in this luxury car, it can be given a 3-liter twin-turbo petrol engine with a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain, which will be capable of delivering 375hp power. Also, there will be a single high-performance electric motor with a battery pack with a capacity of over 20kWh. Which will be able to give it a driving range of up to 80 km. Due to which the car will get total power output 400hp and highest torque 489Nm.

BMW XM 50e Luxury Car May Launch Soon Know The Price Features And Design Here |  BMW XM 50e: BMW XM 50e entry may happen soon, know what's in it

BMW XM 50e Features
Talking about the cabin of this car, an attempt has been made to make the 5 seater cabin more and more luxury. Apart from this, Vintage Brown leather in the front of the cabin, Teal Diamond Velvet for the rear seats which includes copper and carbon fiber trim. At the same time, the front and rear design of this car has been sportier designed. At the same time, a more luxurious “M Lounge” look is being seen in its back side.

Price in this 5-seater cabin
Official information has not been given about the price of this luxury car yet, but it is expected that it can be launched at a price of around Rs 1.5 crore and its booking amount can be kept at Rs 1 lakh.

will compete with
This luxury car will compete with luxury vehicles like Lexus LC 500h, a hybrid luxury car coming with 3456cc, Nissan GT-R coming with 3799cc and Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS.

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