If you are going to buy sunroof car, then consider these things once


car news desk, Today almost all the vehicle manufacturers are offering sunroof feature in their vehicles, which is being appreciated a lot in the country. On one hand, this feature gives you a different experience in cold weather and sports style. Therefore, on the other hand it also has some disadvantages, about which we will give further information.

more expensive than other cars
The first disadvantage of a car with a sunroof is that it is more expensive than a car without a sunroof. This means that you will have to shell out more money to buy a car with a sunroof.

reduction in mileage
A car with a sunroof weighs more than a normal car because it has a sunroof on its roof. The difference lies in the mileage of the car and it turns out that the mileage is less.

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Reduction in headroom In a car with a sunroof, the headroom, that is, the distance between the head and the roof, is significantly reduced. Due to which a person of sufficient height has difficulty in sitting.

leak potential
There is also a possibility of a leak in the sunroof of the car. Plus, if it’s accidentally left open in weather like a storm or water, you’ll be lost.

braking problem
The sunroof present in the car also affects the brake system of the car. Due to which some kind of unpleasant incident can happen.

repairs are too expensive
As much as it is pleasant to travel in a car with sunroof, if there is any problem in it, then you will have to loose your pocket even more.

more prone to cracking
Glass has been used in the sunroof provided in the car, in which any careless or intentional damage can damage it. In which it costs a lot to get a new one.

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