If you are the owner of an electric car, then tie the knot of these things, otherwise you may have to give and take.


auto news desk, If you have or are going to buy an electric vehicle, then you need to be a little more careful than petrol-diesel engine vehicles. So that incidents like fire can be avoided. Especially in the summer season, which has started showing its attitude. For this, we are going to tell some tips, which will be useful for you.

Avoid standing in the sun and charging
In the coming few days, the temperature will be seen up to 45 degrees in many places in the country. In such a situation, parking an electric car in the sun or charging it while standing in the sun can cause it to catch fire.

monitor battery
Keep these things in mind while charging your electric car. That it should not be over charged. Whether you are charging it directly or if the battery is detachable then by removing it. Keep an eye on the battery and remove it before it is fully charged. Apart from this, also keep in mind that before the battery is completely discharged, put it on charging. Because the complete discharge of the battery is also harmful.

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Avoid driving on bad roads
However, this advice is given for both electric and ICE vehicles. But special care has to be taken in EV. Because its battery system is only in the lower part of the vehicle. There is a possibility of damage which may lead to incident like fire.

charge only with the correct charger
Always charge an electric car with a compatible charger. Avoid using fast charger as much as possible, because fast and wrong charger can generate more heat while charging. Due to which an incident like fire can occur.

Allow vehicle to cool before charging
If you are traveling somewhere with your electric car. Then you leave it to cool down for some time before charging, then put it on charging. Because the battery setup gets very hot even when the vehicle is running.

Always use original parts only
Especially for electric cars, it is advisable to always get the company’s original parts fitted when needed. Avoid getting cheap and local parts, so that the chances of any mishap are less.

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