In MP, a doctor showed the doctor on his car, said the operation ‘successful’


auto news desk, The heat has started showing its attitude in the country. In such a situation, a doctor from Madhya Pradesh has adopted a different method to keep his car cool. A doctor has got his Alto 800 car coated with cow dung, and he is claiming that it helps the inside of the car to avoid heating up. Also, after this coating, the AC of the car does better cooling than before. Cow dung has been coated on the car in the same way as it is applied on every door of the village.

However, this is not the first time that someone has smeared his car with cow dung like this. A similar coating was also seen on the 2019 Corolla Altis. On the other hand, if you search on the internet, it is known that many people believe this. By doing this, the temperature inside the vehicle decreases. However, concerns can be raised about its safety. Because it is flammable, dry cow dung is also used in rural areas to kindle fires for cooking.

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Maruti Alto 800 Car
This Maruti car comes with a 796cc three-cylinder petrol engine, which generates 39.8hp power and 60Nm torque. This car is one of the high demanding vehicles of the company. This is due to its excellent fuel efficiency and size. Which easily fits anywhere. The scorching heat of the sun also makes a difference to the AC performance of luxury vehicles. So there will be no difference in the cooling of this car coated with cow dung in Madhya Pradesh.

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