It is very important to take care of the car in summer, definitely follow these 5 tips


auto news desk, Summer has started in many parts of India. It has become difficult to face the scorching sun along with humans. Parking a car in the sun, getting stuck in traffic in the sun or not taking safety measures to avoid the heat has a bad effect on the car. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can damage your car and reduce its life.

keep the cabin cool
Always try to park the car in the shade, but when it is necessary to do so, keep the windows slightly down for cross-ventilation, which helps to remove hot air from the cabin. However, do not lower the car window too low, as it can be a safety hazard. Along with this, using sunshades in the windows of your car is also beneficial.

Get AC serviced
In summer, there is a lot of pressure on the AC of the car. That’s why the air conditioning system of the car should also be serviced from time to time. Over time, coolant leakage, dust and dirt accumulate in it, which affects the performance of the AC. Also keep cleaning the car yourself from time to time.

Car care tips for summers in India these 6 tricks will help you to keep your 4 wheelers safe.  How to keep the car safe in summer, there will be no tire burst

maintain tire pressure
It is very important to maintain the pressure of the tires of the vehicle in the summer season. Because the tire pressure in summer is different than in winter. In summer the air expands which puts more pressure on the tyre. Therefore, maintain the tire pressure of the car according to the user manual of the vehicle company. Due to this the mileage of the vehicle is also good and the life of the tire also increases.

get radiator service done
Any liquid dries very quickly in the summer season. That’s why keep filling all kinds of liquid in the vehicle from time to time. In this, the engine oil and coolant of the vehicle should be specially refilled. Also, if your car is more than three years old, then definitely get the radiator serviced during the summer season.

take care of the battery
Excessive heat has a bad effect on the capacity of the battery. In this season, most of the people complain of overcharging and low power of the battery. So keep cleaning the battery terminals from time to time and also don’t forget to top-up distilled water in the battery.

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