Neither red nor black, people like this color of car the most in India, revealed in the report


car news desk, While buying a car, apart from the features of the car, its color is also a big reason to like it or not. Many people, despite liking the features and model of the car, reject it because of not having the color according to their wish. But do you know which color car people like the most in India? If not, then here we are telling you which color cars are most liked in India. White colored cars are sold the most in India. According to a research by Jeto Dynamics, 42.2% of the cars sold in 2022 were white in colour. Meanwhile, the second and third most preferred colors in cars were black and grey, accounting for 15.50% and 13.30% of sales, respectively. While silver, blue and red remained the least preferred colours.

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Why are white colored cars loved so much?
The reason for the increase in the sale of white colored cars is their short waiting period. Car dealers keep more stock of white color cars according to the demand. With this, customers can easily get a white colored car. At the same time, experts believe that white color car has good visibility on the road. Due to the light color, the white color car has less effect of color fading due to weather. At the same time, light stains or dents are easily hidden in them. Due to the light color, white colored cars are less hot than dark colored cars. Because of this, these cars tend to get a little less hot in the summer than darker colored cars. According to Hyundai Motor, the demand for the company’s white color cars will increase by 3 percent to 55 percent in 2022, which was 52 percent in 2021.

Companies told the reason
At the same time, Maruti Suzuki India says that sometimes the choice of color also depends on the type of vehicle. The company said that people like red colored hatchbacks like Swift and Alto the most. While sedans and SUVs are selling more in dark colors like black, blue and grey. The company said that sometimes the advertisements that companies do for their brands also affect the color choice. At the same time, Tata Motors, the country’s third largest carmaker, also said that people prefer white colored cars. have been According to the company, white colored cars accounted for 36 per cent of its total car sales in 2022-23.

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