Tata Nano turned out to be steely, this is what happened to i20 after collision, people were surprised to see the video


auto news desk, Tata Motors cars are widely appreciated for their build quality. Most of the company’s vehicles come with a 4 or 5 star rating in safety. Often such videos and pictures come to the fore which prove the build quality of Tata. Tata Nano, the cheapest car of the company, is also no less in terms of strength. We have already seen accidents of Tata Nano along with vehicles like Mahindra Thar and Toyota Fortuner. Now another video has surfaced in which Tata Nano has a head-on collision with Hyundai i20 hatchback. Everyone was surprised to see what happened after this collision.

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This video has been uploaded on the YouTube channel named Prateek Singh. The pictures of the accident have been sent to him by his Instagram follower. It is being told that this accident happened on the Indore-Ujjain highway. According to the video, the Hyundai i20 car was running at a high speed on the highway. Meanwhile, this car collides with Tata Nano. The Tata Nano suddenly came in front of the driver driving the i20 and the driver could not control it. The collision was so severe that both the vehicles were badly damaged.

It can be clearly seen in the pictures that the front part of the Hyundai i20 has been damaged, which includes the grille, headlamps, bonnet and radiator. However, the cabin and pillars were fine. The i20 hit the C-pillar of the Nano, damaging the metal panels on the rear end and wheels of the Nano. Other than that though the Tata Nano looks fine. Despite being such a small car, it is really commendable for the Tata Nano to face stiff competition. The passengers of both the Hyundai i20 and the Tata Nano were safe and escaped without any injuries. If the information shared in this video is correct, we believe that the driver of the Tata Nano was at fault in this case. However, the Hyundai i20 driver can also be blamed for the speeding.

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