Tata Nexon beats Maruti Suzuki Fronx on these five features, which one would you buy?


auto news desk, At this time, every customer buying a new car pays more attention to its features. Currently, the segment of compact SUVs is quite popular in the country. Maruti Suzuki is soon going to launch its Franks in this segment. In terms of price, it will compete with the best selling car in the segment, Tata Nexon. But there are some features due to which Maruti’s new SUV lags behind Tata Nexon. So let’s know which are those features which are there in Nexon but not in Frons.

multi-drive mode
Tata Nexon offers 3 drive modes namely Eco, City and Sport, which give you a different level of driving experience. But the automatic transmission variant of the Frans only gets a single drive mode.

Ventilated and Leatherette Seats
Front seat ventilation and leatherette seat upholstery are both missing from the Maruti Suzuki Frunks. But some of the higher variants of Tata Nexon get leatherette seats. While ventilated seats have also been given in its Kaziranga edition.

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tire pressure monitoring system
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a very important feature from the point of view of safety, which is seen in many cars these days. The Tata Nexon also gets a tire pressure monitoring system, which informs the driver about under-inflated tires as well as the correct tire pressure for individual tyres.

electric sunroof
The Tata Nexon gets an electric sunroof in all variants above the XMS variant. While the feature of sunroof is not available in any variant of Maruti Suzuki Frunks.

automatic wiper
The front gets automatic LED headlights but there is no facility for automatic or rain sensing wipers. While all variants above the XMS variant of Tata Nexon get automatic headlamps and rain sensing wipers.

rear armrest
The Tata Nexon gets armrests on both the front and rear seats, while the Fronics only gets armrests on the front seats, which should have been available on the top-end variant.

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