This car beat XUV700, Harrier, Hector, Safari, became popular as soon as it was launched


auto news desk, Although the Toyota Innova Highcross is an MPV but the company has tried to give it an SUV look. So let’s compare its sales figures with some of the SUVs in its range like- Scorpio, XUV700, Harrier, Hector, Safari. Of these, Mahindra Scorpio has the highest sales in March 2023, followed by Toyota Innova Highcross at number two.

Mahindra Scorpio/N sold 8,788 units in March 2023. This is 44.99 percent more than the 6,061 units of Scorpio sold in March 2022. The second number Toyota Innova HyCross sold 5,755 units in March 2023. It was launched last December 2022. It has left behind SUVs like XUV700, Harrier, Hector and Safari.

Mahindra Scorpio Beats Hector Safari and Harrier In March 2023.  This SUV beats the Hector, Harrier and Safari!  bad condition  Hindi News

Mahindra XUV700 sales declined by 15.45 percent to 5,107 units in March 2023 from 6,060 units in March 2022. This was followed by combined sales of the Tata Harrier and Safari in March 2023 at 4,451 units, a decline of 5.66 per cent as compared to 4,718 units. Sold in March 2022. MG Motor reports a 103.32 percent year-on-year growth in sales of the Hector/Hector Plus in March 2023. Last month it sold 4,105 units, which is 2,086 units higher than the 2,019 units sold in March 2022.

Sale in March 2023
– Mahindra Scorpio/N: 8,788 units
– Toyota Innova Highcross: 5,755 units
– Mahindra XUV700: 5,107 units
– Tata Harrier+Safari: 4,451 units
– MG Hector/Hector Plus: 4,105 units

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