Why do you wrap a chain on a tire to drive a car in snow? This is the big reason behind this


auto news desk, If you have ever been to a snowy place, you must have seen that many people drive their cars with chains tied to the tires. But, have you ever wondered why they do this, because generally cars are not driven with chains tied to the tyres. But when people drive their cars in the snow, they tie chains to the tyres. There is a science behind this. Let’s know about this science.

When you drive your car in snow or on roads where there is ice, the tires tend to skid. Because of this, the risk of skidding of the car increases. To reduce or eliminate this danger, chains are tied to the tires and then the vehicle is driven. It occurs in places where the surface of the snow is smooth.

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Due to the smooth surface of the snow, car tires lose traction, whereas if a chain is tied to them, the chain between the tire and the ground helps maintain traction. When driving a car in snow, the tires are chained to maintain traction, which helps in better control of the car.

The chain creates additional traction between the tire and the road surface (snow), which helps prevent wheel skidding. Adding chains to tires increases the surface area of ​​the tire resting on the ground, which provides better grip. However, some cars have a snow mode for driving in snow, so there is no need to chain the tires.

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