Audi India has made the way for its electric car owners easier, took this great step


Auto News Desk – According to a PTI news, luxury car maker Audi has launched an app to help its electric e-tron owners. So that car owners can easily find charging points across the country to charge their cars. For which the German automobile company has added another feature ‘Charge My Audi’ to the ‘My Audi Connect App’ present in its car. Which is the first such step in the industry. Audi has included five charging partners in this app, including Argo EV Smart, Charge Zone, Relax Electric, Lion Charge and Xeon Charging. Who are ready to provide charging to e-tron from their total 750 charging points present in the country.

Audi aims to provide convenience to its car owners
At the same time, according to PTI, the company is in constant touch with its customers and is constantly trying to understand their car ownership experience. Also, according to information received from the company’s customers, owners of electric vehicles have to download multiple apps to charge the vehicle on different company’s chargers. Which is a very noble deed.

At the same time, it happens many times that after reaching the charging point, it is found that the charging point is not working. Therefore, it is the endeavor of the company that Audi owners do not have to face such problems. This is the reason why the company had to create an aggregator app and connect five charging partners together. Now, with its help, customers using e-tron will not only be able to charge their vehicles, but will also be able to plan their journey keeping in mind the charging points on the way.

Audi sells these electric vehicles
Audi India currently has the e-tron 50, e-tron 55, e-tron Sportback 55, e-tron GT and the RS e-tron GT. However, the company is also preparing to launch another new Q8 e-tron in India. But it can be seen next year.

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