Car AC is not working, then follow these tips, Shimla will make it

Auto News Desk – Traveling in a car in summer can be quite difficult without a properly working AC. AC not only keeps you cool but also protects you from heat related diseases. For this, it is necessary that the AC installed in your car works properly. Here we are telling you about 9 such tips, which can improve the performance of your car’s AC. It is advisable to let the heat trapped in the car escape before turning on the AC. Rolling down the car window before turning on the AC helps to dislodge the trapped head. This lowers the temperature in the car and helps the AC cool down faster.

Park your car in shade or away from direct sunlight for better AC efficiency
Parking the car in direct sunlight increases the temperature of the cabin and reduces the efficiency of the AC. To prevent overheating and for better cooling it is advised to keep your car away from direct sunlight or park it in the shade. This not only helps in reducing the excessive heat generation but also helps the air conditioner to cool the car more quickly.

keep car ac condenser clean
The condenser in AC plays a vital role in re-cooling the refrigerant by releasing excess heat to the surrounding air flow. But, it can get clogged with dust and debris. This can affect the efficiency of your car’s AC. Keeping the condenser clean is essential to improving the cooling efficiency of your car AC. It should also be checked every summer to maintain optimum performance.

use recirculation mode
After switching on the car AC, switch to recirculation mode to ensure that the AC does not suck in outside air and keeps recirculating cabin air for better cooling.

Get your car AC serviced regularly
ACs are not used throughout the year and can get dusty when not in use. Keep in mind that by getting your car AC serviced regularly, you can ensure better cooling always.

prevent cold air from escaping the cabin
You need to make sure that all doors windows are completely closed. This ensures that all the cool air is trapped inside the cabin for the car to cool down quickly and stay that way.

clean ac filter for better airflow and cooling
Clogged air filters in your car’s AC system can greatly reduce cooling. This may also increase fuel consumption. To avoid these problems it is recommended to clean the AC filter of your car regularly.

run car ac at optimum temperature
Car AC cooling is not at its best when it is run on maximum settings. Running it at optimum temperature and speed ensures better cooling efficiency. According to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), 24 degrees is the ideal temperature for the human body and any AC will draw less load than that target compared to the minimum temperature setting.

Use Automatic Mode for Car AC
If you have a car with AC that has automatic climate control, then use the car AC in automatic mode. Ensures that the car automatically maintains the temperature settings, fan speed to achieve better cooling. Also it switches off the AC compressor when the set temperature is reached to save fuel.

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