Car tire suddenly explodes at high speed, just know 5 things, car will stop and life will be saved


Auto News Desk – As soon as the summer season starts, the news of sudden car tire bursts and accidents due to it seems to be increasing. Most of the accidents are happening on the highway or expressway. This is due to increased air pressure in the tyres. Tire temperature rises rapidly on a hot road in summer. Especially when the speed of the car is high. In such a situation, suddenly there is an explosion in them again. Due to which big accidents happen many times. Even vehicles overturn. Now the big question is that the tire of the car can explode anytime, but how to survive in such a situation and how to avoid a big accident. So let us tell you what you should do in such a situation and how you can save yourself as well as the lives of others.

control steering
Most of the people drive the car by holding the steering wheel lightly. In the event of a tire blowout, the steering veers sharply to one side. In such a situation, due to the high speed, the car overturns and people become victims of the accident. It is important to have control of the steering. In such a situation, if the steering turns suddenly, you will be able to handle it and the car will be saved from overturning.

don’t brake suddenly
Do not apply sudden brakes in case of tire burst of the car, by doing this your car will go to one side rapidly. At the same time, do not reduce the accelerator too suddenly. Try to slowly stop the car in a normal way.

keep the speed low
Highway or expressway, keep the speed of the car between 80 to 100 kilometers per hour. Because at this speed you will be able to control the car easily and gradually you will be able to put it on the side of the road. This will save you from a big accident.

maintain air pressure
Always check the air pressure of the tires before taking the car on the highway or expressway. Don’t keep it over 30 pounds. Because when your car goes at high speed on the highway, the air gets heated and expands and the pressure on the tires increases.

check the tires
Before the summer season comes, check the tires of the car. If the tires are worn more than 80 percent, get them replaced. Because the risk of bursting of such tires is high in the summer season.

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