Check these 5 things before taking delivery of the car, there may be a problem in the dealership


auto news desk, Buying a new car is a wonderful experience for everyone and when one goes to take delivery of the car, that movement is special for everyone. People work hard for long hours to have a car and fulfill their dream. In such a situation, when months of hard work pays off, people get very excited and ignore some things. But ignoring these things can cost you dearly. Before taking delivery of the car, it is necessary to do PDI i.e. Pre Delivery Inspection. In PDI, you check all those things which are very important to take before taking delivery. Here we will tell you what you should keep in mind before taking delivery.

Top 5 Pre Delivery Checklist Points For A New Car |  Do not forget these five things before taking delivery of a new car, otherwise it may cause damage

Registration: View month and year of manufacture
Whenever you take delivery of the car, before registration visit the stockyard of the dealership and check the month and year of manufacture written on the car. Many times it happens that some companies sell cars 1 year before the manufacturing year in the initial months of the new year. Let’s sell
Check that there are no scratches or damages on the car. Check for scratch damage and odometer disconnection several times during the test drive.
Before handing over the keys of the car, do check the tax calculation, sometimes dealerships take advantage of you in the name of tax.
Keep these things in mind while checking the car
Check the car lights, if any, inform the dealership.

Whether the accessories you asked to set in the car fit properly or not. If not done, get them installed first.
If the spare wheel supplied with the car is new or old, get it replaced.

After all this, it is most important that the vehicle should keep running i.e. there should be enough fuel in the vehicle so that you can take the vehicle home or take it to the nearest petrol pump.
Make sure to match the registration number of the car with the RC book number plate.

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