Customers bought these SUV cars fiercely in April, these models sold the most


auto news desk, You also want to buy a new SUV car for yourself, but due to the many options in the market, you are not able to understand which car to buy? So let us tell you which SUV models people are buying fiercely and which models are getting the most demand. Let us tell you which SUV models sold the most in the last month i.e. April 2023.

People are crazy about this Tata Motors car

Tata Motors’ popular car Nexon registered sales of 15,002 units last month, whereas in April last year the company sold only 13 thousand 471 units. This also means that the year-on-year growth of the company is 11 percent.

Mahindra Scorpio broke the pride of Tata Safari and Hyundai Creta as soon as it arrived, customers are buying fiercely

This Hyundai car sold well

If you want to buy Hyundai’s new SUV car, then tell that in the last month of April 2023, sales of 14 thousand 186 units of Hyundai Creta have been registered. Recall that in April last year, the sales figure was 12 thousand 651 units, which means the company’s growth was 12 percent year-on-year.

People are betting on this SUV of Maruti Suzuki

If you are planning to buy Maruti’s SUV and not Tata Motors and Hyundai, then for the information of people, let us tell you that in April 2023, sales of 11 thousand 836 units of Brezza were registered. In April 2022, 11 thousand 764 units of this car were sold, the year-on-year growth of this car has been only 1 percent.

Customers also fell in love with this SUV of Tata Motors

Last month, the company sold 10 thousand 934 units of Tata Motors Punch, last year 10 thousand 132 units of this car were sold. The year-on-year growth of this car has been 8 percent.

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