Elon Musk showed a glimpse of two new electric cars, work on one started


Car News Desk – Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed that Tesla is working on a new design car while giving information about 2 new electric vehicles coming in the future at the recently held Automakers 2023 Annual Meeting. Giving information, Mask said that whatever electric vehicle the company will bring. Both of those vehicles will be much better than the currently existing vehicles in terms of technology and strength.

When Elon Musk was giving information about these vehicles, at the same time a teaser of a vehicle was being projected on the screen behind him. Which is expected to be a hatchback. About which Musk had announced some time back. Musk used the word building when referring to the new electric car, which is expected to be working on production versions and prototypes for Musk’s company.

Tesla revealed this during an investor day in March by releasing photos of the two new models along with all the vehicles in the company’s lineup. In which one vehicle was designed in the shape of a van and the other like a sedan and a hatchback, both these vehicles are expected to be quite affordable. So that the company can sell maximum units of them. According to Elon Musk, more than 5 million units of these two vehicles are likely to be made every year.

During Investors Day itself, an announcement was also made by Tesla to make Giga in Mexico. Speculations are rife that the company will produce hatchback vehicles at this factory, which has been nicknamed Model 2 by Tesla fans. And another vehicle could be a robotaxi. Which Musk has already discussed. Musk has reiterated several times that Tesla is close to fully self-driving.

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