Fuel will be made from water and CO2 which will leave behind electric vehicles, know what is that technology


auto news desk, Electric vehicles are being promoted around the world to curb carbon emissions, but soon vehicles will be able to run on fuel made of carbon-dioxide and water. Scientists have developed such solar energy technology, which will make this possible. This technology can be easily used in vehicles. Experts say that if this technology is as successful as expected, it can leave behind electric vehicles. Know what is the technology and how it will work.

This new technology of solar power will become an alternative to EV, fuel will be made from water and CO2

That artificial leaf could be an alternative to EV
For this, researchers have prepared an artificial leaf. It converts water and carbon dioxide into ethanol and propanol using sunlight. The artificial leaf produces its own energy. In the lab, the scientists immersed the leaf in carbon dioxide and water before exposing it to sunlight. After this it was taken to the sun. Green fuel was prepared after the reaction from here. It is a green fuel that emits less carbon. In this way, it will also prove to be beneficial for the environment and can help in reaching the target set to prevent global warming. Scientists claim that this technology can be used in future when the vehicle is directly exposed to sunlight. Will come in contact with. The fuel will be produced naturally from the steam produced from carbon dioxide and water.

How will the device work?
In a research report published in the journal Nature Energy, researcher Dr. Motier Rahman says that we have developed an artificial leaf device that uses CO2 and water sunlight to produce multicarbon alcohols. The artificial leaf consists of several layers of metals. Are. For example, copper, glass, silver and graphite. It works just like the leaves of plants. In the artificial leaf, such things have been used which work to absorb light.

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