If you know this fact about Toyota Fortuner, then you will leave the idea of ​​buying it! it has many drawbacks

OT News Desk – Toyota Fortuner is a very popular SUV. it’s quite big. Its aggressive design and strong built quality are very much liked by the people. It gets powerful engine options (both petrol and diesel). It gets the option of 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive system. It has many advantages but it also has some disadvantages. You must have heard many of its advantages. That’s why today know its shortcomings too.

1. Price
Toyota Fortuner may seem expensive to many. According to the features given in it, the price seems high. Currently, its top-spec variant costs around Rs 58 lakh (on road).

2. Ride Quality
Its ride quality is quite firm and bumpy. The potholes of the road are felt inside the car. Shaking was felt in the cabin. That is, its ride quality is not good on bad roads, it can disappoint you.

3. Heavy Steering
The steering remains heavy even at low speeds. This causes problems while driving in the city or in the crowd. In the initial days, driving it can also feel pain in your hands as you will have to apply more power on the steering.

4. Body Roll
There is a lot of body roll in this. The person sitting inside feels himself going from here to there on the curves. Especially in the second and third row, body roll is felt more, here the comfort is also less.

5. Features
It does not have many features like sunroof, lumbar adjustment, auto-wipers, TPMS, etc., as these features can be comfortably given at its price (Rs 32.59 lakh to Rs 50.34 lakh).

6. Mileage
If you get 6 to 7 or more mileage in petrol with automatic transmission, then you get only 8 km mileage. However, the diesel gives a mileage of around 10KM.

7. Cost Reduction
Cost cutting seems to have been done in many places in the SUV. For example, the plastic used in some places in the interior is not of that good quality, only a 6-speaker sound system is available when more speakers could be given. Apart from this, the quality of the display of the camera is also not very good.

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