Is the bonnet of the car tall? Now don’t drive by guess, a small trick will work, there will be no problem in taking turn


Auto News Desk – If you drive a sedan or SUV car then a problem comes in front of everyone. There are many vehicles whose bonnet is not visible after sitting on the seat. In such a situation, many times the car has to face a lot of problems while traveling or in heavy traffic. Due to which many times scratches and dents come on the bumper of the vehicle. Now this cost is very high. Because if the bumper breaks, it has to be replaced. Also the cost of dent paint separately. To overcome this big problem, a small trick will work in such a way that you will never again face the problem of turning the car or in traffic. You will easily be able to identify your car by the last edge of the bonnet. Let’s know what is that little trick.

a helper will solve the problem
You must have seen the flags on the vehicles of politicians or celebrities. Now this one flag will save you from this problem. For this, you can get a flag stand installed in your car. You will find it easily at any accessories shop. It has been fitted on the left side front fender of the car. After opening the bonnet, a nut is fitted in it near the car light. Once this is done you will get an idea of ​​the end of the bonnet. Due to which you will know the distance between another car or any object when you take a turn while driving.

rear view objective mirror
You must have seen a separate mirror on the front fender of the car in many SUVs and sedan cars. Actually this mirror helps to see any stone or pit coming down in the rear of the car. However, one of its functions is that it also gives an idea of ​​the tail end of the bonnet of a longer car. Just like a flag bearer will help you during a turn or drive.

how much is the price
The cost of flag holder ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 1000. You can buy it online as well as from accessories shops. At the same time, the price of rear view object mirror starts from Rs 500 and goes up to Rs 3 thousand. You can easily find it online and at accessories shops too.

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