Keep your CNG Car safe in the scorching sun, just have to do this work


Auto News Desk – CNG owners need to take extra care of their vehicle due to high summer temperatures. In this season, there are more complaints about the spark plug failure of the vehicle. In such a situation, we have come up with some points for the care of CNG vehicles, with the help of which you can keep your vehicle safe.

avoid filling the tank
Whenever you go to get CNG filled, avoid getting it filled. Try not to have more than 2/3 gas in your CNG tank. This will not cause any danger to your vehicle. Experts also forbid filling the gas tank full tank. Due to this there is no fear of possible danger.

get factory fitted cng kit
If you want to get your CNG kit installed in future, then do not trust the local market at all. Many people do this to save money, which later leads to huge losses. Rely on factory fitted CNG kit only. Because companies fit CNG kits according to their vehicles and looking at the position made for it. Whenever you get accessories fitted in a CNG vehicle, get it fitted from the same company only. Accessories available out in the market can cause damage to your vehicle. Due to your little greed, you may have to bear heavy losses.

start with petrol first
If you already have a CNG vehicle, then whenever you drive, run it with petrol first and only then switch to CNG. This will not put extra pressure on the engine of your vehicle.

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