Major flaw found in more than one million Tesla vehicles, company issues recall!


auto news desk, Electric vehicle maker Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, has issued a recall for more than one million of its vehicles in China. That is, almost all vehicles are sold in China. The reason for this is the problem faced by the brakes of these vehicles. Due to which its regenerative system is not working properly. Which can cause a big accident for the driver and the passerby.

tesla asked to fix it
According to the information given by Tesla, the company will fix it through a software update. Due to which both these default service i.e. braking level will start working properly and so that the driver will be able to keep his command on it completely. Along with this, the company will also work to give information to those drivers who keep the pedal pressed for a long time.

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These vehicles will be recalled
The company will recall its vehicles, which were produced between January 2019 and April 2023. That includes Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, as well as some imported Model 3 Model S and Model X. Earlier, Tesla has also issued a recall for its semi trucks. In April. In which the problem related to emergency brake was seen.

Last year also a large number of vehicles were recalled
According to a report, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has posted information related to the recall on its website. In which about 35 cm trucks are expected to be affected. Recalls are nothing new for Tesla. Last year too, the company recalled over 3,21,000 vehicles due to software glitches. That included certain 2023 Model 3 vehicles and 2020 to 2023 Model Y vehicles.

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