New Fortuner may come in Diwali, mileage will be better than before


auto news desk,Toyota Fortuner has a distinct clout in India. It cannot happen that this car passes by you and you cannot see it. But the one shortcoming of the Fortuner that has always bothered me is its mileage. At present, this car can give a mileage of about 9 kilometers per liter. Although the mileage of this car is going to change soon. Toyota is working on the new generation Fortuner SUV. Special changes will be made in its styling, interior and machinery. Furthermore, Toyota’s South Africa channel has confirmed that the new Fortuner will be offered with a hybrid engine. It will be launched in the global market in the year 2024.

New Fortuner Platform
The current model of Fortuner is built on the IMV platform. This is the same platform on which the Innova Crysta is built. However, the new generation model will be built on the TNGA-F platform that underpins cars like the Land Cruiser. Due to this platform, the body style of Fortuner will look completely different. Also, cars built on this platform support more than two types of engine options. This means that the platform supports both ICE and hybrid cars.

Toyota Fortuner 2023: Fortuner will come in updated look, will be more powerful than before

What will be the size of the new Fortuner?
Cars built on the TNGA-F platform have a wheelbase of 2850 to 4180mm. The new Fortuner will also fit in the same setup. Recently pictures of the New Generation Fortuner SUV have been leaked. Engine start-stop button will also be given in this car.

New Toyota Fortuner Engine
According to reports, a diesel engine with mild hybrid technology will be introduced in the Fortuner. It will have a 2.8 liter unit, which will be connected to the generator. The name of this engine could be GD Hybrid. It is expected that this engine will give better performance and mileage. Apart from diesel, the new Fortuner will also come with a petrol engine. It will be brought with a 2.4 liter turbocharged petrol unit, which can give power of 265bhp. It is expected that this engine will also get the support of hybrid system.

When will the new Toyota Fortuner arrive in India?
The new Fortuner may enter the global market next year. The SUV could then be brought to India around the Diwali season. Its local manufacturing will be done in India. It is obvious that after all these new features, the prices of the new Fortuner will be higher.

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