Right gear at right speed is important, understand maths and increase car mileage and life


auto news desk, Whether the car is manual or automatic, gear is something that you will find in vehicles that come with both the transmission options. Of course you find the gear mechanism of the car very complicated, that is, it is difficult to understand and see, but if you understand its math, then the gear of the car will not seem complicated to you. The gear is the only thing that makes the car move forward and backward. helps to go. Not only this, everything from the engine to the mileage of your car depends on the gear. For this reason, it is said that driving in the wrong gear not only puts the load on the engine but also reduces the mileage. It is also very important to understand which gear to apply at what speed, but before understanding this, you must Have to see whether you have a manual car or an automatic.

Manual car owners should understand this math

If you have a manual car or you also want to buy a manual car soon, then it is important to understand which gear is correct at which speed. Let us tell you that on which gear, how much speed is maintained properly.

Gear system is not difficult, understand a little math, the life and mileage of the car will increase

gear calculation according to speed

1st gear for car driving and 10km/hr speed, 2nd gear for 20 to 25 speed, 3rd gear for 25 to 40 speed, 4th gear for 40 to 60 speed and 4th gear for 60 to 60 speed for speed. For high speeds, fifth gear is fine.

gear math in automatic transmission car

In an automatic car, the meaning of automatic is clearly understood that the car does everything automatically. In this type of car, there is no need to change the gear frequently and press the clutch because the sensors in the car itself detect the speed and shift the gear. If you have an automatic car, avoid accelerating suddenly because doing so This increases the cost of fuel in the car. Also sudden braking can damage the transmission as will the gear shift too fast.

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