Rules for taking VIP car number changed, amendment in auction process


Auto News Desk – The Transport Department of Himachal Pradesh has made advance payment of 30 per cent registration fee mandatory by amending the auction process for fancy vehicle registration numbers (VIP car numbers). In fact, three months ago (on February 16) a person had placed an online bid of Rs 1.12 crore for a scooter with the registration number ‘HP 99-9999’, but later retracted.

The incident took place at the Registration and Licensing Authority of Kotkhai. It was later learned that the bidder tried to game the system. After this incident, the department felt that this is a big problem. Therefore, to prevent such incidents, the department has decided to make advance payment of 30 percent registration fee mandatory.

Officials said that as per the new guidelines, applicants desirous of fancy numbers will have to deposit 30 per cent of the minimum special registration fee, ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh, in advance, depending on the special registration mark, before they can be auctioned. Will be able to bid. This 30 percent advance amount will not be refunded. However, it will be adjusted against the total bid amount.

Explain that earlier any applicant had to deposit Rs 2,000 as registration fee. Transport Director Anupam Kashyap said that in the first phase it (amended system of auction) was implemented in Baijnath and Shimla Registration Transport Authority (RTA). After successful trial here, it will be implemented in other RTAs across the state.

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