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auto news desk,The wait is finally over and the Maruti Jimny is ready to hit the market. It took a long time to reach India and there were many rumors that this SUV will not come to India. The new Jimny is the fourth generation off-roader and is the successor to the Gypsy. The Jimny has been very successful globally but its 3-door version was not considered suitable for the Indian market. So, Maruti delayed and made a 5-door version for India and you can now buy it from June 6. But, should you buy it? Let’s know about it.

There has been a lot of talk about the new Jimny and its styling but according to us it looks quite attractive as an off-roader with a compact SUV body. From the round headlamps and grille to the clamshell bonnet, everything is a reminder of the original design, which we love. It is compact with a length of 3985mm but has great road presence. The 15-inch wheels along with the slab side and rear profile mounted spare wheel give a complete off-roader feel. It looks even tougher with good build quality and attractive paint finish.

Testing of 5-door model of Maruti Suzuki Jimny can start in India this year - Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5 Door SUV testing start know look design features specification
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The space offered is sufficient for ample headroom and legroom. It’s also good enough for the rear seats. Because the Jimny is said to be a 4 seater and it can rightly be said to have enough legroom for two passengers. It is fine for short journeys but not so good for long journeys including other SUV drivers. It has 208 liters of space for short trips and can be expanded to 332 liters by folding the rear seats.

The 1.5 liter K Series engine feels quite silent while driving this vehicle. The Jimny is very easy to drive in the city and we liked the good visibility for long drives. The engine is very smooth and the 4-speed automatic makes you comfortable in everyday city driving. Other highlights include its excellent ride quality which is good enough to tackle potholes in the city. You won’t have any complaints about it in city use, but the 4-speed automatic might be a bit rushed to choose from, as it slows down a bit under high throttle.

In terms of mileage, it does not give double digit mileage like normal Maruti cars. It gives a mileage of around 10 kmpl in a normal city driving.

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For practical aspects, you might not be looking at buying the Jimny outright. But the SUV is quite impressive in its own right and strong off-roading capability is its main selling point. We did some heavy off-roading with it and tested the capabilities of the SUV built on this tiny ladder frame. It has three driving modes, 4×4 high and low mode with 4×4 system with heavy suspension.

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